Just spoke to Matt Bultman of The Daily Greenburgh about 10 AM Productions!

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I really wish that I could sit here and tell you that we won the Greenwich Youth FIlm Festival.

But the fact of the matter is that we didn’t. We didn’t even win the PSA Category. In fact, we didn’t even place.

Not gonna lie, we were all a little bit shocked. The competition in our category wasn’t really that good and we all definitely thought that we had the best production in the PSA category by a long shot.

But in retrospect, Chase really isn’t a PSA. The problem with Chase is that it doesn’t neatly place in any category; it’s not long enough for a creative entry and it’s not specific enough to be a PSA. But still, it’s a damn good whatever the hell it is.

I am still absolutely proud of 10 AM Productions and I know that we have great potential. I’m really looking forward to what we create next.

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The Falcon: Chase by 10 AM Productions
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Tribeca Film Festival starts today!

We’ll be there one day.

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Article on Greenwich Youth Film Festival
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Just when you think you’re all done with submitting DVD copies to film festivals, the director calls you and says that one of the judges scratched the disc.

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Just talked to the director of the Greenwich Youth Film Festival and she told me the 2 unannounced “secret” Grand Prize Awards AND OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO WIN

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10 more days until the Greenwich Youth Film Festival!

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The international Westport Youth Film Festival had well over 500 submissions, and about 70 were accepted. There are 12 films competing in Chase’s category, which is Social Action.

The 1st Annual Greenwich Youth Film Festival had about 150 submissions. 

The odds weren’t exactly in our favor, but we still did it.

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